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Amy Butler Nappy Bag – a diaper bag

Continuing my diaper bag, general bag and sewing obsession, I tried my hand at the Amy Butler Nappy Bag – a stand alone pattern purchased from my local fabric store. This pattern sewed up super quick and easily. I used a Michael Miller corduroy fabric for the exterior and a coordinating cotton fabric for the interior.

Like many of Amy Butler’s other diaper bag designs, this one comes with a number of functional interior side pockets, which are always welcome in an everyday diaper bag.

The Michael Miller corduroy fabric sewed up like a dream. I was a little hesitant to try it, because I’d never sewn with corduroy before and was concerned about working with the fine ribbing, but it wasn’t a problem at all. And the feel of the cord is so luxurious and yummy, it felt nice running through my hands as I worked with it on the sewing machine. To give it stability, I used duck cloth, which makes the bag a little heavier, but at the same time gives it a nice heft that says, “I’m a diaper bag – I can take whatever you can fit into me.”

This is a big bag — but I like big bags because I get annoyed when I can’t fit all my stuff into whatever I’m carrying. Here’s a picture to give you an idea of its size.

I think this is a great bag, even for the beginning sewist.

My “if I had it to do over again” note on this one is that I might have chosen a different fabric for the coordinating interior. I struggled with my choice here. I like the way it looks, but to be honest with you, the dark, busy pattern makes it a little tough to spot things inside the bag when you’re rummaging around in there in a hurry. But in truth, I kinda knew this before I ever purchased the fabric. I just lived with my choice.

Happy sewing.


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