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Evolution of a Diaper Bag into a Stylish Camera Bag

Note: This is my first blog entry – finally took the plunge, so here goes.

I love bags.  Before I had children, I loved bags.  After having children, I continue to love bags… but the bags have changed.  All my lovely clutches, totes, and shoulder bags had to be traded in for diaper bags.  And as you fellow mommies know, a diaper bag is literally attached to your hip from the time your baby is born until they are out of diapers.

Last year, I picked up photography as a hobby and have really gotten into it.  BUT, I still need a diaper bag, so what to do? I’ve already abandoned my petite purses for giant diaper bags to carry two children’s clothing and daily needs, do I lug around a giant camera backpack as well?  I do have a Canon backpack, but I don’t like carrying it b/c it’s bulky with my diaper bag AND I feel like I’m advertising to everyone with eyes that I am walking around with some expensive camera equipment.

It’s worth noting that photography is purely a hobby for me.  Obviously professional photographers have their own needs for gear and you are probably not hauling your children to your professional photoshoots — so no need to have diaper bag and camera bag at the same time.

In my quest to find a pretty, stylish, functional camera bag, I came across Jill-e bags and Ephiphanie bags, but I had to decide whether I wanted to plunk down that kind of cash for a “designer” camera bag when I am not a professional photog and I DO have a lot of really really nice diaper bags sitting in my closet.

So I started googling.  I also sew as a hobby.  I didn’t find a lot of camera bag sewing patterns, but I DID find a fabulous tutorial posted by Lil Blue Boo – a site that I had not encountered before my search.  The tutorial is here: Camera bag insert tutorial.

I had this great Nest diaper bag that I decided to restyle.

Using the awesome LilBlueBoo tutorial, I made a custom insert that fit PERFECTLY in my Nest diaper bag. Voila!

And here’s another picture:

This insert is so cushiony and sturdy and great. It fits my body with a 50mm lens attached, an external flash, and a 24-105L — everything I need, frankly, to chase my kids around. Plus, I still have the ziparound bottom for diapers and a change of clothes and other pockets in the bag roomy enough to carry some personal items.

So… want to upcycle a diaper bag or big shoulder bag collecting some dust? Try this insert – I’m so happy about it. It finally gave me the kick in the seat to post a blog entry that I thought might help some other moms out there!


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